The Oxford Lifestyle Centre is an engine for change. It is a platform for young people to develop excellent customer service skills.

But, it’s not open to all – it’s based on merit, motivation and desire. If a young person wants to work in the Lifestyle Centre, they have to demonstrate their ability and commitment first. They will then be given the chance to work with our staff.

In its first year alone, The Oxford Lifestyle Centre created thousands of hours of life-changing work experience across our gym and hair and beauty salons.

So, whether you’re enjoying a hair or beauty treatment, admiring your new look or pushing your way through a great workout, you can be sure that you’re helping to change our students’ lives.

And because we also care about the environment, we have introduced a number of environmentally-friendly features, such as replacing windows to increase thermal performance, using low water usage sanitary ware and fittings, and replacing the lift with a new energy efficient model.

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