Green Salon Collective

We are proud to announce that we are now part of the Green Salon Collective who are the original authority on salon sustainability throughout the UK and Ireland.

Introducing the Green Fee

We will be adding a £1 Green Fee onto every appointment from the 1st December ’21 to be able to work with GSC and recycle all the waste in our salon. Ultimately your £1 will reward the planet!

What do they do?

They recycle salon products and waste the right way!

What they/we recycle…

  • Hair…all hair! Any colour, any texture, no matter how little or much you have cut off.
  • Metals: colour tubes, foils, hairspray cans etc.
  • Plastics: all bottles, lids from colour tubes, cling film
  • Every item we recycle is tracked and weighed so we can get an exact total of what we’ve recycled and diverted from waste!

100% of any money raised from recycling our raw materials or new products made ` from our waste goes to charity.

Charities supported are

The hair and beauty charity, Foodcycle, Haircuts 4 the Homeless and Tree Planting.


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