Balayage pic 2

Lucy showing some fabulous balayage highlights

Want low maintenance, soft highlights?

Forget foils and the dreaded capped highlights. Choose balayage, a fantastic new technique that will give your hair a great, lasting natural look!

Balayage refers to the process of sweeping colour onto hair using a paddle. And because it’s not applied directly on the roots of your hair, you won’t notice regrowth as quickly as you do with highlights – so you can save time and money, and still look fantastic!

The exact timing of your visits depends on your hair and how much lightness can be achieved, and will be discussed on your consultation.

It doesn’t have to be just blonde! You can enjoy balayage highlights with any colour hair.

Call us on 01865 551895 for your free 15 minute consultation with one of our experienced stylists and lighten up your hair before summer is here!

(Please note that all colour appointments need a skin test 48 hour prior to service)

Lucy is a hair stylist at the Oxford Lifestyle Centre.


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